There are so many things involved with a real estate transaction.  From all the marketing it takes to get your home out there, following up on showings, negotiating the contract and then getting all the pieces to fall in place to get it closed. In today's market it is important to hire a seasoned professional who knows what needs to be done, when and how its to be done. Having a working knowlege of all phases of real estate allows me to provide you with peace of mind that the entire transaction will be handled in the best possible manner.

Having strong computer and internet marketing experience allows me to market your home in the ever evolving world of the World Wide Web. Studies have shown that a realtor without strong computer and internet marketing skills miss out on over 50% of a homes potential buyers. Wouldn't you rather increase the odds of selling your home by hiring someone like myself?

When you hire me, you also do not have to worry about the common miscommunication between team members. So very often when you hire a "team" the person you build a repore with and choose to hire for the job of selling your home, immediately hands it off to some one with less real estate experience. Often times, person you hired has nothing at all to do with the rest of the transaction. You do not receive the personalized attention like you would when you hire a strong professional who works directly with you for the entire transaction. Your business matters to me, so your calls will always be answered and in a timely manner.

When you hire a me for the job of selling your receive over 18 years of real estate experience that you can TRUST.


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